Review Policy

How We Write Reviews

Welcome to the Review Policy at GamesDen, where we dissect, critique, and celebrate games with all the enthusiasm of a level-up sound. Our reviews are the digital playground where pixels dance to the rhythm of our thumbs and stories unfold like epic sagas. Before you dive into our gaming galaxy, here’s a sneak peek behind our review process – it’s like pressing pause to peek at the hidden cheat codes of our thought process.

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The Unseen Metrics Of Play

We’re not mathematicians, but we do have a secret formula for our reviews – and it’s called passion. While we can’t quantify fun with exact science, we’ve woven a tapestry of review criteria that weaves together gameplay, innovation, storytelling, and yes, a sprinkle of magic. Each game is unique, and so are our reviewers. Their expertise, affinity for the genre, and pulse on the gaming world ensure that you’re getting a review tailored to your gaming soul.

Genre Symphony

We won’t compare apples to oranges, or in our case, platformers to FPS games. Games are as diverse as our gaming tastes, so we’ve got different measurement bars for different genres. From RPGs that make us lose track of time to indies that throw conventions out the window, we’ve got a genre-sensitive radar that guides our reviews. And let’s be real, an indie that’s as graphically basic as your favorite old-school console game can still win hearts with its story and gameplay.

Timelines And Time Warps

Time waits for no gamer, and neither do we. We’ve got a temporal touch that keeps us anchored in the now. We won’t pit a retro classic against a modern marvel, but we’re also not afraid to appreciate the timeless beauty of vintage gems. The latest tech advancements in AAA games? We’ve got our magnifying glasses on. But we also won’t overlook the oldies that managed to keep us hooked despite their age.

Platform Chronicles

Just as a game’s world shifts with every platform, so does our approach to reviewing it. The way you experience a game can be drastically different on various platforms. Console or PC? Controller or keyboard? VR headset or mobile screen? We’ve got the scoop on how the gameplay dance changes with each platform, so you can make an informed decision.

How We Write Reviews

This game needs more than a patch; it needs a game-making makeover.

We’ve suffered so you don’t have to – unless you’re really curious.

It’s a struggle, and we’re not just talking about the gameplay

Some heart, but it’s buried under gameplay hiccups or flaws.

A mixed bag – there’s some fun, but not consistently.

Not a standout, but worth playing if you’re into the genre.

It’s worth your time and pennies, especially if it aligns with your gaming tastes.

Game’s on par with that feeling when you nail a boss fight on the first try.

We’d bet our high scores that you’ll love this one.

It’s like the game had a cheat code for perfection.